“Thriving While Black” sets out to explore the psychological and emotional consequences of being Black in America as well as in the workplace. The playing field for Whites and Blacks are not equal in both corporate and social strata. Blacks are discriminated against and excluded based on their skin color, which creates the question of what their place is in America.

Black workers in corporate America have to grapple with racial microaggressions in the workplace, which often involves White workers assuming that their Black counterparts are intellectually inferior to them; a phenomenon that is an obstacle to the upward mobility of Blacks in different organizations.

This book portrays that Blacks are Americans too and should not have to be seen as less and unequal. Since America prides itself in diversity, America should be able to bring diverse people together and allow their diversity to thrive rather than force them to adopt mainstream White culture and mannerisms. This is the focus of this book, and this should be the focus of America.

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